SavATree Merges with Lueders Environmental


SavATree Merges with Lueders Environmental


SavATree Merges with Lueders Environmental


SavATree Merges with Lueders Environmental


SavATree Merges with Lueders Environmental

A Message to Our Clients

As of 3/25/20 permission has been granted by the Governor’s office to proceed with our outdoor services as they are seasonally time sensitive, and can be conducted within social distancing protocols and other guidance per the Dept. of Public Health. We take this permission and its obligations seriously in order to provide you with timely service while protecting you, the public at large, and our team so that we have a healthy and green spring.

Our thoughts are with you, your family and neighbors. We are honored to be a part of the community and look forward to providing you with our services, safely.

You can reach us through this website, email at [email protected], or by leaving a message at 508-359-9905. A member of our team will be back to you as promptly as possible. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Environmentally Friendly

For over 30 years we have taken a more thoughtful approach to the environment in everything we do. We create a lush, horticulturally sound and healthy yard for your family to enjoy.

Lawn Care

We customize environmentally sensitive treatments to the specific needs of your lawn. By understanding your soil and growing conditions we improve your lawn efficiently and less expensively.

Plant Care

The majority of your plants were chosen for aesthetics and are often non-native or in non-ideal growing conditions. Our team of experts maintains their health and allows them to thrive.

A More Livable Yard

Your landscape represents a substantial investment that impacts not only curb appeal but the ability to enjoy your property. Stepping outside to savor your yard or relax in the grass without worries about chemicals or pests constitute “livability.” Making your yard more livable is our goal and we do that in three fundamental ways – by enhancing beauty, by making your yard healthy and by taking a more thoughtful approach to the environment.

5 Steps to a Healthy Lawn

Soil Testing

Understanding your soil conditions lets us know exactly what your lawn needs.


Focusing on the soil builds a root structure more resistant to drought, insects, and weeds while providing a lusher, greener lawn.

Weed Control

Preventative and spot applications, where possible, to control weeds before they multiply in your lawn.

Insect Control

Prevents damage before it is too late. Symptoms are often not evident until significant underlying damage has occurred.

Periodic Evaluation

Each year we do a complete lawn care survey. We modify treatments as your lawn and conditions change.

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Fundamentals of Superior
Plant Care

A Customized Approach

We customize treatments to the specific needs of your plants, saving you money while protecting the environment.

Proper Plant Nutrition

Proper fertilizers build a stronger root structure, ensuring healthy growth for vibrant plants that are more resistant to drought, disease and pests.

Environmentally Friendly Fertilizers

Use of environmentally friendly fertilizers including NOFA approved organic materials are used on your trees and shrubs.

Intelligent Pest Treatments

Environmentally responsible control strategies suppress pest populations and disease activity below their injury level.

The Right Materials

Environmentally friendly materials and spot treating whenever possible to prevent disease or pests when they are at a susceptible stage.

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