Plant Care Fundamentals

A Pro-active vs. Reactive Approach

A fundamental principle in environmentally friendly plant care is taking a proactive approach. Preventing problems is less costly, less work and takes less of a toll on the environment. As experts in our field we can anticipate problems due to heat, rain, humidity, temperature, pest populations, time of year and a host of other factors. Our proactive approach means that we forestall problems vs. fighting them once significant damage is apparent. There are several fundamentals to providing superior plant care:

A Customized Approach

We take a more thoughtful approach by customizing treatments to the specific needs of your plants. It saves you money while protecting the environment.

Proper Plant Nutrition

Proper fertilizers build a stronger root structure, ensuring healthy growth for vibrant plants that are more resistant to drought, disease and pests.

Environmentally Friendly Fertilizers

Use of environmentally friendly fertilizers including NOFA approved organic materials means that only the most environmentally sensitive products are used on your trees and shrubs.

Intelligent Pest Treatments

We select environmentally responsible control strategies to suppress, not eradicate, pest populations and disease activity below their injury level. This strikes a balance between the need for control and protection of the environment.

The Right Materials

We use environmentally friendly materials and spot treat whenever possible to prevent disease or pests when they are at a susceptible stage.