Environmentally Friendly Plant Care

A fundamental principle in environmentally friendly plant care is taking a proactive approach by attending to plant health issues before they become a problem.


It is important to recognize that many of your plants, trees and shrubs were placed in your landscape for aesthetic reasons – not necessarily to provide each plant with the ideal growing conditions. Furthermore many of the plants on your property are not native to this area and therefore require special attention to keep them healthy. Given these situations and the substantial investment people have made in their landscapes it stands to reason that plant care is a wise investment. Said another way the strategy of “plant ‘em and forget ‘em” doesn’t usually work well in the long run.

Our Program

Each program is individually customized to your property based on the type and quantity of plants along with their specific needs and overall growing environment. While each plan is customized it will contain these five steps:

  • A thorough and detailed assessment of your shade trees, ornamental trees, shrubs and ground cover.
  • We create a Customized Plan that addresses the unique placement of the native vs. non-native species on your property to ensure the health and vigor of your plantings.
  • The Plan includes Specialized Fertilization to create dramatic improvements in your soil, trees, shrubs and tired plants. Options may include micro-nutrients, root bio-stimulants, surface fertilization, micro-injections or deep root fertilization to revitalize their health.
  • As needed it will include the use of Environmentally Friendly treatments for disease and pest control that are least disruptive to the environment. The object is to suppress pest populations and disease below their injury level, but not to eradicate them.
  • Periodic evaluation and adjustments are a must and are always a part of the scheduled program visits. Every 24 months we come onsite to take a comprehensive  “macro” look at all your programs and plantings and make adjustments to fit your changing landscape.

Why plant care?

In nature, plant nutrients are replenished by leaves, fallen trees and decaying plant material — things that we continually clean and remove from our yards. In addition, your plants are growing in artificial conditions in plant beds around your house which are sheltered from sunlight and moisture — in other words in conditions that may not always be optimal.

Given these facts you begin to understand the need for additional nutrition along with pest controls targeted to your specific property conditions. Plant care services provide your trees, shrubs, and plantings with the help they need to grow, and maintain their health while flourishing on your property.

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