• Cut Watering
  • Enhance the Quality of Your Soil
  • 100% natural

Lueders Soil-Aid™ is the new 100% organic product that cuts the need for watering. Not only that – it also enhances the ability of your soil to absorb nutrients. What it adds up to is a better, more drought tolerant lawn due to better root growth, nutrient and water use.

Here is how it works — once Soil-Aid™ is applied to your lawn it creates millions of micro-pores in the soil going down 12 -18 inches. This significantly increases the ability of your soil to absorb water and allows it to sink deeper down into the ground. These little pores also enhance the ability of the soil to use nutrients. This dynamic combination renovates the soil, producing strong root growth and a healthier more drought tolerant lawn.

Soil-Aid™ — Less watering, more productive soil and a stronger lawn — all that and it is 100% natural & organic!

Detailed overview of Soil-Aid™

You can do all the right things including adding fertilizers and using the best grass seed — even diligently watering and yet the results may not be optimum because of poor soil conditions. If water doesn’t effectively penetrate the soil it doesn’t get down to the roots so your lawn has less ability to withstand hot dry conditions. The consequences may include increased insect and disease activity as well as poor tolerance or recovery from environmental stresses such as heat, drought, and cold or storm damage.

Quality soils are the foundation of healthy vibrant lawns, shrubs and trees. Unfortunately, many soils in our area lack sufficient ability to hold water, are compacted and lack soil microbes that are literally the life of the soil.

The best soil is comprised of aggregates (little crumbs) which look and feel loose. The best growing soil is said to have low bulk density which measures how compact it is. The lower the density the more biological activity the soil can support and the better it is to grow roots in.

A soil’s ability hold and release nutrients is called its “cation exchange capacity”. The higher the cation exchange capacity the better the plants can make use of fertilizers and nutrients in the soil.

Soils with low bulk density and proper amounts of organic matter resulting from biological activity tend to have higher cation exchange capacity. As a result, they make better use of the fertilizers and allow nutrients such as phosphorus, already present in the soil, to be more available to plants rather than remaining locked up in the soil.

Soil-Aid™ improves the soil by:

  • Creating millions of micro-pores in the subsoil—as deep as 18 inches
  • Absorbing more water and retaining it in the soil
  • Increasing the cation exchange capacity
  • Aggregating the soil (breaking it up so it is looser)
  • Pulling salts out of the root zone area
  • Unlocking phosphorus so that more of it is available to the plants
  • Creating an improved environment for soil biological activity

All of which results in healthier plants and root growth for your lawn, trees and shrubs.

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