Frequently Asked Questions

My plants seem fine, why do I need plant care?

In an unspoiled natural environment, soil nutrients are replenished by leaves, fallen trees and decaying plant material—which we continuously clean out of our yards. For plants to thrive, that missing source of soil nutrition must be replaced. In addition, it is likely that many of the plants on your property are not native to Metro Boston. These non-native plants as well as native plants, in non-native growing conditions, need additional care and nutrition to thrive.

Why do I have to fertilize my plants once they are established after the first year?

This common misconception is why so many new plants die in the first or second year after planting. New plants are not established for several years and do require supplemental nutrition.

Why shouldn’t I just spray when I see bugs?

Homeowners often use the wrong control material, apply too much, the “more is better” approach, and do it at the wrong time. Each season different issues arise and, as a result, some pests require preemptive treatment, others immediate treatment, while others should simply be watched. Lueders Plant Care Specialists are trained to provide the best and most sensible environmentally friendly approach for your plants.