Lawn Care Fundamentals

We take a more thoughtful approach by customizing treatments to the specific needs of your lawn. It saves you money while protecting the environment.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Your property is unique. By understanding your yard, soil and growing conditions we improve your lawn more efficiently and less expensively – by fixing only that which needs fixing. We apply only the materials you need which saves money and is the more environmentally friendly approach.

Proper Lawn Nutrition

Proper fertilizers build a stronger root structure, ensuring healthy growth for a better-looking lawn, more resistant to drought, disease and pests. Our fertilizers are adjusted to fit the growing conditions of your lawn and modified seasonally to fit rain and temperature conditions.

Environmentally Friendly Fertilizers

Use of environmentally friendly fertilizers including NOFA (Northeast Organic Farming Association) approved materials means the only the most effective and environmentally friendly fertilizers are placed on your lawn.

Intelligent Treatments

We use control strategies that suppress pest populations and disease activity below their injury level, not eradicate them. This strikes an intelligent balance between control and protection of the environment.

Material Controls

To limit the amount of materials used, we target the pest or disease at its most susceptible stage and use Spot Treatments rather than Broadcast Applications wherever possible. (Optional on Organic Programs)