Outdoor Living

Step outside to savor your yard without worrying about harmful plants, pests or unsightly weeds.

Making your yard more livable is our goal and we do that in three fundamental ways – by enhancing beauty, suppressing harmful pests and plants, and by taking a more thoughtful approach to the environment.

Lueders’ Mr. Garlic™ and Cedar Oil Mosquito Treatment Program

Mosquitoes prevent you from fully enjoying your yard during the summer months. Not only are they a nuisance but they can spread illnesses. Pesticides are effective in helping to control mosquitoes; however, their use should be limited. The Mr. Garlic™ / Cedar Oil mosquito treatment program was developed for those who want to enjoy their property and would prefer a natural organic approach that can be used more often to control mosquitoes.

This program provides a way to enjoy the summer by using organic products that repel those pesky mosquitoes PLUS it can also work to repel ticks, which is especially helpful if you have children or pets that spend lots time in the yard. Once applied by a Lueders technician, this system works instantly and keeps on working for weeks. We automatically schedule follow up visits so your yard is protected throughout the summer.

Mr. Garlic™ is a mixture of garlic and other 100% natural organic compounds that work to repel mosquitoes. Both Mr. Garlic and our Cedar Oil are all-natural repellants, not harmful pesticides. They are completely safe for children, pets and the environment – and can safely be used around vegetable gardens. Through experience we have found that rotating these products on your property produces a better result.

Poison Ivy Control

poison-ivy-picTo keep your yard more livable for pets and children our poison ivy control program helps to eradicate this undesirable plant. Lueders technicians survey your yard for the presence of poison ivy then spot treat those select areas of your property to control poison ivy or other unwanted or poisonous plants based on your needs. Total control will require a number of visits to eliminate their extensive root systems.

Shrub Bed Weed Control

Our shrub bed weed care service is used to help reduce weeds in flower gardens and shrub beds. Unsightly weeds can ruin even the nicest of gardens. Our target areas for weed control are mulched areas, gravel and paving cracks. The objective of our program is to suppress weeds in the most responsible manner possible with the least amount of materials. As always we spot treat, not blanket treat, since this is a more thoughtful approach to the environment.

Tick Control

tick-to-matchstick-picFor families living on wooded lots with pets or active children who spend time in the yard we have created our tick control program. This program is designed to reduce tick populations in areas conducive to tick activity. The program is customized to the unique needs of your property but generally includes lawns, beds and mulched areas as well as the perimeter of your yard including into wooded buffers. Depending on your property and factors such as precipitation we will make multiple visits from spring through fall.

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