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“The men are always courteous, informed, and helpful. I am very pleased with the high level of professionalism your men have compared to local competitors.”

—Quinn, Wellesley, MA


“I appreciate the calls prior to service so that there could be great coordination with lawn mowing and treatment/fertilizer applications. Definite improvement in weed elimination, lawn thickness after just one season. Did not expect such an immediate, positive result.”

—Susan, Carlisle, MA


“You’ve been keeping us “green” and green for many years. Thanks.”

—Andrew, Needham, MA


“Very professional and responsive – great job – VERY dependable”

—Jay, Dedham, MA


“You are honest, on time and fair in your recommendations. Everything you have suggested has worked well.”

—Ted, Medway, MA


“The maple that shades my deck now leafs out fully thanks to your winter moth spraying. Your work is effective and your crews always explain the job details when asked.”

—Gene, Needham, MA


“Your tree service has been great. We had a few bushes/trees with a fungus. Your tree nutrient has left them healthy!”

—Patricia, Needham, MA


“Great experience with call in to office. Great staff. Felt like a customer that mattered.”

—Paul, Dedham, MA


“Your services and courtesy of your technicians have always been great. We appreciate your services!”

—Sherwin, Sharon, MA


“We became a customer in the summer of 2013. Everyone we have spoken with, including our technician Chris, has been courteous and professional, answering all our questions and concerns. Although we have not had a full year service, we are looking forward to have Chris back for a full year.”

—Tony, Melrose, MA


“Workers are courteous and cover my car when spraying. Your work on our apple blossoms has restored them to health. Others on our street look sickly by comparison.”

—Noreen, Wellesley, MA


“Attentive, reliable, informative, responsive to questions by phone or in person — and the trees look happy! Wasn’t sure what to expect when we started 3–4 years ago. Great service ever since.”

—Bebe, Brookline, MA


“We use Lueders also because we are impressed by and want to support your contributions in the community — Vine Lake, Sidewalks & Trees Committee, etc. I was happy when a problem was identified that I wasn’t aware of, along with a proposed solution!”

—Jean, Medfield, MA


“Was worried mid-summer with crab grass but lawn was treated and very pleased with results. Shrubs and trees new (last 3 years). Lawn is also 3 years old, but with sprinkler system it’s great and all the treatments made it beautiful. Whenever we called about an issue, it was resolved or treated immediately!”

—Paul, Woburn, MA


“Very satisfied with any services we have needed. Everyone is very responsive to questions, willing to share information, happy to stop by for consults.”

—Karen, Needham, MA


“I appreciate how knowledgeable your staff has been – everyone is happy to answer questions and give advice – I am extremely satisfied.”

—Erin, Needham, MA


“Can’t think of anything you could do better. Without exception your employees are competent, professional and go out of their way to be helpful. It is always a pleasure to call you on the phone. The people who answer always listen and give thoughtful responses – and there is no preliminary phone hell with useless options to press – thank you.”

—Marianne, Needham, MA


“My lawn looks great and receives many compliments from neighbors and passers-by. As a continuing customer I am very familiar with the competent services you provide and am pleased to have them continue.”

—Bob, Westwood, MA

“The lawn and shrubs look great and I get compliments from my neighbors. Keep up the great work!”

—Scott, Needham, MA


“I wish you could handle our Vineyard property — there doesn’t seem to be anybody as competent as Lueders there.”

—Julia, Cambridge, MA


“Things with you are well scheduled. I can count on things getting done on time as they should. You service is expensive but it’s worth it for the service and quality of your work.”

—Thomas, Medfield, MA


“We have the nicest lawn on our street. “Weeds” are not in our vocabulary.”

—Renee, Newton, MA


“We are definitely very satisfied with services from Lueders. They arrive promptly on the day promised and our technician is knowledgeable and answers our questions thoroughly. We have used Lueders for several years now and will continue to do so.”

—Gail, Winchester, MA


“The people at Lueders not only know their stuff they are a pleasure to deal with. I like the fact that the same tech works on my lawn every year — he knows the property and the problem areas and takes care to see that preemptive action is taken when needed. The previous owner didn’t care about the lawn and it showed – a few years with Lueders and I’ve actually gotten compliments from the neighbors. I wouldn’t use anyone else.”

—Jeff, Wayland, MA


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