Lueders Lawn Care Programs

All Lueders lawn care programs are customized to the unique growing conditions of your property. We provide you with a beautiful lawn while taking a more thoughtful approach to the environment.


A four-visit program using only organic fertilizers for those preferring a 100% natural solution to enhancing soil and lawn health. This program uses nothing but NOFA approved organic materials. Optional weed treatment can be included at no additional cost.

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Natural Hybrid

An environmentally friendly four-visit program that combines the best of our two other programs. The same natural fertilizers used in our organic program are utilized here as well. However they are augmented with an  environmentally friendly approach to weed and pest controls – applied on a spot basis – to provide a healthy vibrant lawn.


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Environmentally Friendly Ultra Turf

An environmentally friendly five-visit program that gives your lawn what it needs throughout the season to be healthy and vibrant. Materials used in this program are environmentally friendly and have been chosen for their ability to achieve the best results.

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5 Steps to a Healthy Lawn

  1. Soil Testing
    Scientifically understanding your soil conditions lets us know exactly what your lawn needs.
  2. Fertilization
    Focusing on the soil builds a root structure more resistant to drought, insects, and weeds while providing a lusher, greener lawn.
  3. Weed Control
    Preventative and spot applications, where possible, to control weeds before they multiply in your lawn.
  4. Insect Control
    Prevents damage before it is too late. Symptoms are often not evident until significant underlying damage has occurred.
  5. Periodic Evaluation
    We modify treatments as your lawn and conditions change. Each year we do a complete lawn care survey and report back to you.

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