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Lueders Tree and Landscape, Inc. is very proud of its 30 year history of specialized pruning expertise. The Company expertly prunes everything from the smallest of shrubs to ornamental and shade trees. What sets Lueders apart is its natural looking pruning, its dedication to quality, and standards of excellence. When Lueders prunes your shrubs and trees it is done by professionals lead by Certified Arborists and for best results it is all done by hand. This is critical because pruning must be done in a way that removes dead material, sucker growth and unwanted branches to set the stage for a natural looking, attractive, strong and healthy plant. They way nature intended it to grow.

Pruning for property protection: Each hurricane and winter storm brings distraught calls for emergency cleanup. In most cases damage results from trees and plantings that have not been pruned or have been pruned incorrectly. Large branches, overhanging the house drive or play areas, and diseased or damaged trees are usually the first thing to look for. In some cases cabling trees can provide protection against damage and increase the safety of your property. One of Lueders professional arborists can perform a complete review of your property and provide a comprehensive report at no cost to you.

Cabling and Bracing of Weak Branches

lueders-tree-service-cabelingAs a tree grows, the angles that exist among limbs determine strength. Limbs that intersect with the trunk or other branches with a pronounced “U” shape will be stronger than a narrow “V” shape. When a tree is young, the stress of a narrow angle of attachment is minimal. However, as the tree matures the weight of the canopy and additional load from wind and snow may be more than a limb or branch can support.

Lueders arborists may recommend the installation of cables or braces, along with pruning to reduce the likelihood of a structural failure.

Soil Renovation / Modification

Tree and shrub health is dependent on healthy soil. Sometimes soils need improvement to support healthy plants. We provide a wide range of services to improve soils including:

  • Air-spading and Aeration
  • De-compaction
  • Root Collar Excavation
  • Composting
  • De-mulching
  • Root Booster
  • Fertilization
  • Bio-stimulants & Mycorrhizae Inoculation

Tree and Shrub Preservation

After a number of years it is not uncommon for plants to begin to crowd each other out in shrub beds and around foundations. Pruning to renovate or transplanting to provide space for their size and growing needs can improve your landscape. Fertilization, root bio-stimulants and other soil improvements will help your plants flourish.

air_spade-2Trees and shrubs may also fall victim to installation or maintenance practices. They are sometimes planted too deep when being installed or in other cases settle. Sometimes excessive soil or mulch has been added to the root zone causing the root collar to be buried too deeply. In these situations root collar excavation and aeration can restore plant vigor.

The soil in which a plant lives has a significant impact on its health. Soils can become compacted resulting in reduced oxygen and water reaching the roots. Your plants may also be faced with poor quality soil which hinders growth and can compromise long-term health. Lueders technicians are experienced in remediating poor soil conditions and helping to build optimal soil conditions.

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